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So how does being a member of the network benefit me?

Are you keen to master the art of networking for career and business success? Our core activities are designed to facilitate the ideal networking platform for those who have challenges when it comes to interacting in networking meetings or events, small or large. Participating and practising in our events and activities will prepare and enable you to perform well at other networking platforms. Through carefully curated programming and planning, we focus on providing you with the best networking experiences through three core pillars: Network, Events and Self-Development.


Get into a fast growing network of like-minded individuals like yourself that has established since 2013:

Regional Reach

Seeking opportunities to connect with fellow introverts outside your city? We have established and are continuing to grow key Introvert Network groups in cities such as Singapore, Jakarta and Makati, as well as potential starts in Taipei and Penang. Starting from where you are based, we forsee the sharing of ideas and exploring enterprise possibilities with introverts in other countries in the region. We envision the moment when members of this network gathering in one location to meet face to face in specially organised networking event. 

Introverts Business Concierge

Our Business Concierge is a great platform for startups and business representatives to put their business forward to the network. Members can have a one stop platform to showcase their business as well as to engage in the products and businesses of other members of the network as well. The Concierge adds online presence for members to reach out to a wider but more specialised audience.

Social Network Presence

The age of social media offers a great way for introverts to connect with others in a non-intimidating way. We recognise social media’s power as a platform for exchange of ideas and views. Hence, we latched on the opportunity by creating several channels of communication like Facebook, Whatsapp and Line as a means of interaction with other introverts like us.


We create events that facilitate ease of networking, useful for introverts who find it awkward to be in formal networking settings:

Coffee and Conversations

More than plain coffee chats, this is social networking with a twist. This members-facilitated networking platform allows first time visitors to connect with other introverts while creating warmth and rapport via activities of common casual interests.

Inspirations and Interactions

Our signature activity, this is a meetup where you can interact with one another, and gain learning opportunities while you are there. At these informal networking sessions, we invite speakers from diverse professions and trades to share workplace and life experiences. Most on the guest speakers are introverted and their stories often inspire the attendees.

Introverts Business Mixer

This facilitated networking is a great first step towards better business connections. The structured agenda is geared towards a more controlled environment for introverted business owners and corporate executives seeking referral opportunities.


We have a series of training workshops, networking activities and real life exercises to enhance your skills in communications, networking and interpersonal relations. Here are some of them:

Scribbles of Influence

Can introverts be an influencer without even meeting anyone in person? Yes, they can; through the medium of blogging! Scribbles of Influence is a programme for introverts who prefer to communicate their experties through writing compelling articles that showcases their experties in a given field. We even publish some of the best articles on our blog, “From The Quiet Corner”.

Buddy Networking

“You need to network if you want to increase visibility for yourself and business opportunities”. Easier said than done, isn’t that so?  The idea of “Buddy Networking” comes into play. The Introverts Network has a mentoring programme for someone more experienced in the networking arena to buddy-up and give you that much needed leg-up for networking events that may overwhelm you.

Roundtable Recluse

Some professionals may feel that their introversion is a hindrance and barrier to their personal and professional development. “Roundtable Recluse” is a gathering for self-reflection on the roots of introversion, whether by nature and nurture. It is especially great for those of who prefer small group settings, with more sensitively facilitated topics where intimate sharing and conversations can take place.

Additional Benefits

What else do I stand to achieve from being a member?

Joining the Introverts Network allows you to…

  • Meet other introverts online and offline
  • Increase confidence to connect, relate, and interact
  • Participate in self-development and personal growth programmes
  • Establish collaborations and strategic alliances
  • Gain knowledge and business opportunities
  • Enhance communications and leadership skills
  • Get into our Mentoring and Coaching programmes
  • Get connected with introverts in Asia, especially South East Asia

… and much more!

Ready to Join Us?


Here are examples of some of the most successful projects and events conducted over the years.

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Read what our previous participants have to say about our programmes!


Thank you for the special care, and providing the opportunity to meet the others to start shedding my networking anxieties. I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the wonderful folks. The business tips were relevant and to the point — since it’s all so new to me, I found them very useful.

Dr. Mala B.

Life Coach, Educational Therapist, & Trainer

Introvert Business Mixer has got to be the most focused networking I’ve ever been to. With a number of people, it’s less daunting to connect meaningfully with others and understand their business better. No one seems to be in a hurry to shove name cards into people’s hands. If you have the genuine desire to connect with other business owners on a deeper level and not just be the name card distributor whom everyone forgets, this is the event to be.

Vinleon Ang

Poached Mag

The introverts networking session is an unique experience. Not expecting a riot of voices, but it’s not quiet either! Am glad that the facilitators and organizers do give good encouraging words to the participants, because I can feel that they understand how to warm us up to be open with one another. As an introvert who is actively exploring ways to get myself warmed up for a networking event, this is definitely a right direction for the introvert community to explore. Looking forward to more sessions from the organizing committee!

Bosco Lim

Hearted Moments Photography

It’s very welcoming. A good space for introvert myself to start networking. I’m really glad to meet new friends and share more about my business. It’s also very interactive, we could comfortably talk to new people. Thumbs up to Kevin and Mervin for being great hosts. Looking forward to future events!

Shafiq Hanapi

Make & Think

It was unintimidating, rather fun as there were activities thought of by the facilitators to create opportunities for interaction. It was a very easy event to shed the introvertness in me! Plus, I got reunited with a primary school classmate!

Kevin Phun

IGIT Consulting

I attended my first Introverts Business Mixer, and I was really enjoying my time as the gathering has a unique way to facilitate the attendee to be able to network with other attendees in a fun way. Also, the sharing session by Dean Shams about handling difficult clients was very interesting and useful for professionals and business owners. I would definitely recommend this gathering event, especially to introverts who are keen to expand their network and learn from new connections.

Shieny Aprilia


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