October 8, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Wholesome Savour
390 Orchard Road
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SG 238871
Hui Fang
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We often find ourselves unable to strike a flow of conversation when it comes to networking with other business people at networking events. Is there any way to make networking easier?

Well, this could be a solution!

Introverts Business Mixer is a facilitated networking meeting especially designed for introverts to talk business, exchange referrals and build a network in a non-aggressive and supportive environment.

Our networking event is unlike many other networking events in that we facilitate opportunities for our attendees to open up about their business and tell others exactly who or what are the opportunities they are looking for.

This networking event also features speakers who are there to share some tips and tricks on the various opportunities for introverts to expand their business.

This Session’s Guest Speaker: Imran Tahir
Topic: “3 Myths about Digital Marketing”

Social media marketing has become increasingly accessible and businesses are seizing the opportunity to monetize through online presence. The upside comes with its own problems and challenges. The digital marketing landscape has its own set of rules and poor players get punished. The struggle between the Digital mindset vs Non-Digital mindset often happens, as most participants are often not aware of the myths of digital marketing.

3 Myths about Digital Marketing:
1. Sales vs Branding efforts
2. Paying $$$ to FB/IG/Ads solves all your marketing problem
3. You don’t need to do offline marketing anymore

Co-Founder (EdigitalBrothers – Automated Marketing Agency)
Co-Founder (Paperbackpackers – Digital Nomad Initiative)

After setting up their eCommerce store together with his partners, the team realize that the host of tools and skillsets required to perform their online operations will be able to provide immense value to businesses who are exploring to embark on a journey into digital marketing. His primary interests remain on how digital automation tools can enhance business operations, educating both business and individuals to effectively leverage on these tools/skillsets and managing their transition from an offline model to an online model.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imranbmt/
Instagram: @imranbmt / https://www.instagram.com/imranbmt/
Facebook: Imran Tahir / https://www.facebook.com/imAmImran

EdigitalBrothers – Automated Marketing Agency
Instagram: @edigitalbros / https://www.instagram.com/edigitalbros/
Facebook: @edigitalbros/ https://www.facebook.com/edigitalbros/
Messenger: m.me/edigitalbros

Paperbackpackers – Digital Nomad Initiative
Instagram: @paperbackpackers/ https://www.instagram.com/paperbackpackers/
Facebook: @paperbackpackers / https://www.facebook.com/paperbackpackers/


Check Out What Attendees Had To Say

Less Daunting To Connect Meaningfully “Introvert Business Mixer has got to be the most focused networking I’ve ever been to. With a cosy number of people, it’s less daunting to connect meaningfully with others and understand their business better. No one seems to be in a hurry to shove name cards into people’s hands. If you have the genuine desire to connect with other business owners on a deeper level and not just be the name card distributor whom everyone forgets, this is the event to be.”
– Vinleon Ang, Poached Mag

Understanding And Encouraging Organizers “The introverts networking session is a unique experience. Not expecting a riot of voices, but it’s not quiet either! Am glad that the facilitators and organizers do give good encouraging words to the participants because I can feel that they understand how to warm us up to be opened with one another. As an introvert who is actively exploring ways to get myself warmed up for a networking event, this is definitely the right direction for the introvert community to explore. Looking forward to more sessions from the organizing committee!”
– Bosco Lim, Hearted Moments Photography

Unintimidating, Interactive, Fun “It was unintimidating, rather fun as there were activities thought of by the facilitators to create opportunities for interaction. It was a very easy event to shed the introvertness in me! Plus, I got reunited with a primary school classmate!”
– Kevin Phun, IGIT Consulting

More Purposeful Meet Up Than Usual Networking Session “It was a more interactive, objective-based and purposeful meet up than usual networking session. Good guidance from facilitators in changing our thinking from “how to fulfil our dreams” to “how can we fulfil others dreams by doing what we do”.”
– Christopher Chee, Chrispy’s Photography


Event Tickets – Early Bird Tickets On Sales Now

$25/pax (till 5th Oct – Regular tickets – $35/pax)

P.S. It will be a facilitated session and rest assured, introvert-friendly. We have carefully planned activities to enable you to network better, without the stress or hype. We look forward to meeting you at Introvert Business Mixer.

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