February 16, 2019 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Tous Le Jours
Ground floor
Trinoma Mall
North Triangle · Quezon City



We welcome you and your friends to join us for hot coffee, warm conversations and an informative talk. No fees to be collected for this meetup but please support the business of our venue by ordering drinks and/or snacks.

4:30pm- Arrival, Refreshments (self-order and purchase)
5:00pm – Welcome by Host
5:10pm – Talk on “Speak Up: Why Introverts Need to Break the Silence” by JEREMIAH REYES
5:40pm – Announcements by Host
5:45pm – Interaction
6:30pm – Meetup Close

See you at the next meetup!

SYNOPSIS for “Speak Up: Why Introverts Need to Break the Silence”

Youngest in the family, Jer Reyes grew up as an introvert. Like any other introvert, he draws his strength and discovers new ideas in moments of solitude. In fact, according to an American Psychologist, Laurie Helgoe, “Introverts are collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and future.” Jer lived by this idea, but never in his life he thought he will stand in front of the crowd to speak. In his talk, he will share how he found his calling in speaking and how he wants to break the stigma that introverts are not good public speakers.

The 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, explained that introverts often become better public speakers than extroverts of similar experience levels. He said, “When you look at introverts, they tend to be a bit more empathetic, when you look at extroverts, they tend to project. When introverts are able to master confidence when they get on stage, they can come across as more authentic than extroverts.”

In this world today, what if these thoughts and experiences are shared in public? What impact can introverts make in the world? Jer believes that introverts can. Introverts can break the silence.


Jeremiah has been with Toastmasters since 2016; 2018 recipient of Competent Leader and Competent Communicator Award; 2017 Area 1st Runner Up for Humorous Speech Contest; 2018 Area 1st Runner Up for International Speech Contest; 2018 – Present, President of Elite Toastmasters Club. Trained by the TV Actor, Gabe Mercado under the Third World Improv, the first and only institution in the Philippines dedicated in the art of Improvisational Theater.

Do RSVP early. If you do RSVP but unable to make it, we appreciate if you could make a comment or a drop message to any of the Event Hosts. Many thanks!

If you have any queries, feel free to send an email to the Organiser at beyondhandshake@gmail.com