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Redefining Introversion

Often confused with shyness, introversion does not imply social reticence or discomfort. Rather than being averse to social engagement, introverts become overwhelmed by too much of it, which explains why the introvert is ready to leave a party after an hour and the extravert gains steam as the night goes on. –

Laurie Helgoe, Psychologist

We are a growing, quiet group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverts. We prefer small group conversations to larger events and always enjoy the one-to-one chats with each other in this group.

We want to learn how to better relate, network and interact not only with introverts but with extroverts too. But we are not in a rush to welcome extroverts to this group. While business is important, we feel that it’s more important for us to feel comfortable in an environment that allows us to be ourselves. It’s tough enough out there.

If you are an introvert or introverted and looking for a platform to network, you are welcome here. We schedule meetings twice monthly to cater to employees as well as entrepreneurs. We will talk about work, business, family or life experiences.


To be Asia’s leading professional network for introverts and introverted individuals


To provide introverted individuals in Asia the opportunity to connect for knowledge, business and learning exchange through networking, training, and self-development programmes.

Meet Our Team

Network Headquarters/Regional Network (Singapore)

As the founding city of Introverts Network Asia, it is not surprising that the Regional Committee (Singapore) comprises of the stalwart founding members as well.

Regional Committee (Singapore)

Mervin Yeo

Founder/Regional President (Singapore Network)

A Networking Evangelist, Mervin Yeo is a trainer, consultant, speaker and author. For close to two decades, Mervin has shown thousands of business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines a systematic and effective approach to qualified business referrals.

Hailed a “Networking Guru” by a Straits Times writer, he has been interviewed on ChannelNewsAsia and NewsRadio 938Live and was featured in Lianhe Zaobao and SME Magazine. A contributing author of the New York Times bestseller “Masters of Networking”, he is a mentor to network influencers and leaders of multiple networking communities. He is author of Purposeful Networking For Introverts and I Can Connect – An Introvert’s Handbook To Stress-Free Networking, as well as co-author of Turning Ideas Into Profit and Because I’m Introvert, I Triumph

An Introverted Leader, he founded Introverts Network Singapore, a quietly growing networking community of introverts in the marketplace. He has started similar networks in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Armen R Rahman

Regional Vice President (Singapore Network)

Armen credits his creative streak and knowledge on media and communication from his stint as a student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Mass Communication diploma course.

He was in the creative industry for 10 years as a web, print, set and sound designer, as well as a video producer and scriptwriter, before embarking on entrepreneurship and establishing his own businesses. Using social media as a means of communicating and establishing relationships with fellow peers has taught him the power of online communication platforms. Hence, he uses this opportunity to establish mutually beneficial connections with many business peers.

Ashley Choo

Regional Secretary (Singapore Network)

Ashley is in the business of talent acquisition and she takes personal responsibility to steward the profession.

She has always been passionate about referrals marketing. Working on both agency and client side has allowed her to gained a detailed understanding of the power of referrals in shaping and influencing opinions and perceptions. She has always enjoyed the opportunity to share resources, connect people and encourage lifelong learning.

When she is not at work, she will be spending quality time with her God and her three children.

Regional Master Support

Hazriq Idrus

Master of Development (Training Development)

Hazriq Idrus is Asia’s dynamic speaker on Applied Creativity and Communication. He is known for his ability to connect with an international audience. Hazriq uses interactive theatre improvisation approaches in his delivery that creates high-energy and unique presentations; delivered to your audience in a way they will never forget.

In his keynote address, Hazriq not only explains to audiences how they can meet their desired objectives but also demonstrates the techniques they need to do so. He also has his audiences practice with the hilarious power of theatre improvisation activities.  This makes his session fun and accelerates learning.

If your organisation, association or industry struggles with any of the following issues, then using Hazriq as a keynote speaker for your next event may be what you need.




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