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Established since 2013, Introverts Network Asia is a cohesive regional network of introverted professionals and businessowners in Asia.

What Do We Do?

Our main activities are divided into three basic tiers. They are:


Online Outreach

Introverts Network Asia builds its online presence through social media and our very own online directory. This establishes less intimidating online connections with other introverted members. It allows members to warm up their lead generating endeavours without the awkward pressure of trying to initiate conversations.

Introvert-centric Events

Our offline events are designed to accommodate the introverted characteristics of both corporate professionals and business owners. Each event is carefully thought of to strike a balance: You get great networking opportunities in an accommodative, non-intimidating setting.


Self Development

Do you understand the intricacies of effective networking? How do you deal with certain awkward situations? What do you say when you receive someone’s business card? Preparation is a great way to reduce networking jitters. With the right knowledge and training, you would be better prepared for your networking endeavour.

So how will being a part of Introverts Network Asia benefit you?

For Business Owners

As business owners, we too understand the need to expand our customer base, which can only be created through building relationships. But how can an introverted business owner deal with the pressure of talking to strangers about their business?

Introverts Network Asia’s activities include a basket of solutions specially catered for business owners for you to overcome the jitters and present your business ideas with confidence. You will ultimately see the results in your business leads and sales.

For Corporate Professionals

Wish to give your professional career a boost? Aiming to establish strong leads and long-term relationships with your customers? We welcome corporate professionals to be part of the introvert network and can help increase your credibility and value to your company. Introverts Network Asia offers various courses, workshops and practical based exercises to refine your connective abilities in networking situations. You can even attend our specialised networking events to get you practising while you climb your career ladder to the top.

Regional Today, Global Tomorrow

Do you know that the Introverts Network has established several networks all over Asia since it first established in Singapore in 2013?

Here are some of them:

Read what our previous participants have to say about our programmes!

See What Our Actual Members Say About INA…

It was a more interactive, objective-based and purposeful meet up than usual networking session. Good guidance from facilitators in changing our thinking from "how to fulfil our dreams" to "how can we fulfil others dreams by doing what we do".

Christopher Chee

Chrispy's Photography

Thank you for the special care, and providing the opportunity to meet the others to start shedding my networking anxieties. I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the wonderful folks. The business tips were relevant and to the point — since it’s all so new to me, I found them very useful.

Dr. Mala B.

Life Coach, Educational Therapist, & Trainer

It was unintimidating, rather fun as there were activities thought of by the facilitators to create opportunities for interaction. It was a very easy event to shed the introvertness in me! Plus, I got reunited with a primary school classmate!

Kevin Phun

Specialist (Sustainable Development, Sustainable Tourism, IGIT Consulting

It’s very welcoming. A good space for introvert myself to start networking. I’m really glad to meet new friends and share more about my business. It’s also very interactive, we could comfortably talk to new people. Thumbs up to Kevin and Mervin for being great hosts. Looking forward to future events!

Shafiq Hanapi

Make & Think

The introverts networking session is an unique experience. Not expecting a riot of voices, but it’s not quiet either! Am glad that the facilitators and organizers do give good encouraging words to the participants, because I can feel that they understand how to warm us up to be open with one another. As an introvert who is actively exploring ways to get myself warmed up for a networking event, this is definitely a right direction for the introvert community to explore. Looking forward to more sessions from the organizing committee!

Bosco Lim

Hearted Moments Photography