May 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
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There’s more to lighting up for a WFH video call than switching on the ceiling light or sitting anywhere near the window

‘Hmmm, this guy on the screen looks kinda shady…’

Ok, we may not verbalise it, but maybe a similar thought may have crossed your mind in a group Zoom meeting.

Especially when it’s the first time meeting each other and that guy may have a useful service to offer.

But looking at how he looks in the call, you may start to have a biased doubt his ability. All based on how he looks and prepares for that video call.

Now, turn the situation around.

You have the killer service and solution for the person in front of the screen.

You have dressed up, done your grooming, memorised your script and rehearsed 100 times, angled your brand new 4k Logitec webcam perfectly, and invested in a $350 Blue Yeti Bluetooth mic for that faithful rendition of your voice.

But somehow, you can tell the person is squinting at his screen, trying to read your facial expression…. but couldn’t.

That’s because they can’t see your eyes and facial expression in that poorly lit enviroment of yours.

You see, one of the forgotten yet important preparation for a WFH video call is… lighting!

Without decent lighting set up, no matter how high res your webcam is, you won’t be put in a good light.


Make yourself be in a good light for video call!


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